Thing 4 - Communicating Visually

Brought in my tablet to work this morning so that I could download Photofunia. And what fun it is to use it!

I can see a lot of potential for this app in my library: from creating posters advertising new stock to spicing up my monthly newsletter.

Photofunia - creative chaos on my desk becomes a piece of art!

I will recommend this to the post-primary teachers, who are always looking for new and fun ways of engaging pupils.

Thing 3: Image Banks

Oh, using images in a teaching resource... yes, that is a common request in my library! So thank to the Rudaí team I now have picture databases to share.

For the Academic and Special Libraries Section we use Flickr to share photos of our events, which I why I wanted to try some of the other options cited.

I have heard of Pixabay before, but have never used it. So this is the picture I downloaded for this post:

I'm quite a visual person, so love using photographs, cartoons and other images in the montly library newsletter. It'll will be great to explore these image banks further. 
A lot of the library users (mainly teachers and tutors) are confused with all the terminology involved: 'creative commons', 'copyrighted', etc. I feel much more confident now with advising them on the proper use of other people's creations. Which includes, of course, "please cite the source".

Thing 2 - Blogging

Sooooo... here it comes. The first post for this new blog.

Well, I think I'll talk a little about why I'm participating in Rudai 23.

My current job is as a solo librarian, which means attending professional development activities happening outside the organisation is tricky. I rely a lot on online resources and networking to keep up to date with both LIS-related and subject area-related (read: Education) information. Rudai 23 provides me with a fun and simple way of learning about new social media tools. The best thing is: it's run and followed by other information professionals, many of whom I know in real life, so there will be a lot of interaction and, no doubt, a fair amount of slagging😉.

I've contributed to LibFocus and the blog of the International Librarians' Network, so am familiar with the technical side of blogs. But what is hardest for me is to write regularly. Hopefully, the Rudai 23 team will remind us to keep going😌

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